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Out Of The Dark, Animation 
Unbenanntes_Projekt 4.jpg
Unbenanntes_Projekt 17.jpg
Unbenanntes_Projekt 15.jpg

Digitale Malereien, 2021, Procreate

Unbenanntes_Projekt 2.jpg

Maria Pechstein, Animation, 2022, Procreate

Massive, large and robust. The mountain stands for permanence and apparent immutability. These properties, which are attributed to the mountains, I wanted to change. To make this possible, I decided to fuse three minerals (lime, sand and soda) using a forge fire from an old water-powered hammer mill. These minerals combine under high heat and become glass.

Unbenanntes_Projekt 16.jpg
Unbenanntes_Projekt 8.jpg
Unbenanntes_Projekt 14.jpg

Digitale Malereien, 2021, Procreate

At a time, trapped in one's own home, thoughts begin to circle. One can no longer escape oneself. Feelings that have been slumbering deep inside for a long time slowly make their way to the top, fighting their way through the layers of repression. Once they reach the top, they eat their way into your brain and want to anchor themselves firmly there. They make it. You stand in front of the mirror and realize you are not enough. Trapped in a vicious dream, you start to let the doubts about you in. You want to wake up again. Your despair makes you enter into a dialogue with yourself. What happens when your reflection starts communicating with you?

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