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Mystik - Goddesses 

Vor langer Zeit bekam ich von einer lieben Freundin Göttinnen - Karten geschenkt, welche mich seither sehr faszinieren. Für mich steckt im weiblichen Körper sehr viel Energie, die nach Außen getragen werden möchte. Ich entschloss,  Göttinnen entstehen zu lassen, wie sie in meinem Kopf Gestalt angenommen haben.

Mami Wata - Water Primordial Mother

letting flow/holding nothing

purifying power of water



edition 3 + 1 e.a.


sold: 1

Unbenanntes_Projekt 5.jpg

Ammit - animal goddess

purification process

redeem from earthly concerns

power of transformation

edition 3 + 1 e.a.


sold: 1


Lilith - Birdwoman

Life/Death Belgeite

Death as renewal


Edition 3 + 1 e.a.

Unbenanntes_Projekt 16.jpg

Hekate - guardian of women's magic

decisions and magic power

choose a new path


Hazelnut Staff

edition 3 + 1 e.a.


sold: 1

The digital paintings can be purchased as art prints. Each artwork has an edition of 3 + 1 épreuve d'artiste. The works are marked per sale with the corresponding edition number and a hand signature. You will see the digital original in each case.  Due to different color depths of the screens, the art print may make slight deviations from the representation.

Because of the war in Ukraine, many people are currently on the run. Therefore, I will donate half of the proceeds per sold artwork to a humanitarian project that supports people on the run. 

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