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Maria Pechstein


Art is an important form of expression for me. In artistic works I usually take up social and environmental issues to work on and visualize them. Social ills and injustices evoked already in childhood the strong feeling in me to have to act. Art offers me the possibility, in my own way, to turn this desire into reality. I want to encourage people to question old, burnt-in thought patterns with which we are socialized as a society, and to establish new ways of looking at things.


Glass as a material plays an important role in my work. The execution in glass requires precision and perseverance. The material is often associated with shiny and shining surfaces. Many sculptures in glass have fire-polished or mechanically polished surfaces. This appearance has its charms, but I am mainly interested in the combination of structures and matte surfaces, which, in conjunction with different light sources, achieve varied and expressive effects. Occasionally I set accents by polished surfaces. I deal with both figurative and abstract forms of expression. Along the theme of a work cycle, I work out a respective formal language that is able to transport content and intention. 


Each theme requires a certain medium for its realization, in order to do justice to my ideas. It is my task to find the appropriate element from the broad spectrum of possibilities of representation and materials, in order to be able to give form and shape to my thoughts. Therefore it has become necessary for me to shift the focus away from glass to other presentation possibilities. This newfound freedom was the starting point for integrating different media into my work.

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