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Die erste Patrone, Maria Pechstein.jpg

Die erste Patrone 


molten glass, cut and partly polished, 38 x 9 x 5 cm (one sliver), 2022 



The sculpture Die erste Patrone is the first part of a three-part series. In this series I deal with the themes of war, violence and the various situations that one can be exposed to during a war.


In the first part of my work I deal with the beginning of a war. It is about the first cartridge that is fired and becomes the beginning of a horrific battle. 


The first shot, the bullet that bores into a body and is able to extinguish a life. The blood of the corpse adheres to a part of the splinter and etches itself inside the bullet. The other projectile splinters passed smoothly through the body. No traces adhere to you yourself, but the body bears two grinds. 

Tower of Pain  

fused glass, cut, sandblasted, 51 x 24 x 23 cm, 2021


The work Tower of Pain symbolically represents the centuries-long oppression of People of Color. White glasses weigh on the backs of black and gray glasses. The black - gray part, the base, outweighs the white part. This makes visible that few were needed to oppress many people. Without the enslavement in colonial times, rise of colonial powers would not have been possible. People of Color were forced to do hard labor, or were put on display in human zoos. Many people lost their lives during this horrific time.


Strange Fruit

fused glass, ground, sandblasted 190 x 190 x 10 cm, 2021


The work "Strange Fruit" refers to the lynchings in the USA. Thousands of people had their lives taken away at that time. The cruelty that humans are capable of is staggering.

The concept of white supremacy allowed the killing of thousands of people of color for centuries.

My work captures the cruelty of this time when many people were hanged. The song "Strange Fruit", composed and lyricized by Abel Meeropol, is about this horrific time. 

Aletsee Marina, Strange Fruit 5.JPG
Aletsee Marina, Strange Fruit 2.JPG
Aletsee Marina, Strange Fruit 3.JPG


fused glass, ground, sandblasted, partly polished

40 x 12 x 6 cm, 2021


Bloodied they stood there, dark powers. Each soul more let them grow, immeasurably. Everywhere dark, high shadows, not aware of any guilt. Trapped in the deepest thicket, there is no chance to escape. Again blood was spilled.

Wächter, Maria Pechstein.jpg




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realisitertes Kunstwerk 3.JPG



2017_08_19_19_37_38_9497EOS 5D Mark III.JPG
2017_08_19_19_17_22_9392EOS 5D Mark III.JPG



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